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At Sunday 26th.May 2013 we arrange in cooperation with OPEL-Scene MG and Airport Event an all brand Car meeting, at the Airport in Moenchengladbach / NRW / Germany.

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Programm all Brand Show'n Shine / 10 Cups national Cars, 10 Cups international Cars
special VIP Parking
dB Drag Off Contest / 3 Cups
Clubcontest (Surprise for big boys ...) / 1 Cup
Tombola with nice winnings
professional children animation (Games, bouncing castle, childern makeup ...)

special Parking for aircolled VAG Cars
Exhibitors  et al. Tom Kluss Design / Car Window engraving & personal sticker plottery
Sound Car Systems / Car-HiFi
Kaiser Motorsport / Motortuning
Fa. Ronsdorf / Car matts
Robert Mischewski / Car saddlery
Fly Airbrush Design / Airbrush
Gorol Felgenveredelung / Wheel tuning
Speedtuning / Accessories
Carlights Tuning / Accessories
Folienking / Car Wrapping
Carrosseriedelen Online / Car body panels
Welt der Modellautos / model cars in several scales
Retro-T / Vintage Shirts

Tune it ! Safe ! / whit the actual BRABUS Police-Car
TUEV Rheinland / for definitely safe traffic

further Exhibitors will be published, as soon as they defilitely promissed their participation.

Provisional Programm
 09:00 AM Opening the Gates
10:00 AM Official Event start
10:00 AMr Start of Show'n Shine

11:30 AM Start of the Club Contest
14:00 PM Entry deadline for the Show'n Shine ballot papers
15:00 PM Drawing for the Tombola winnings
16:00 PM Award cermony for the Show'n Shine and the Club contest
18:00 PM Official Event end

Why does a VW-Club arranging an all brand meeting ?
Cause we like all kind of beautifull cars, not just only VW. Also a lot of our friends are driving other branded cars. So its quiet clear for us to arrange together with our friends from the OPEL-Scene Moenchengladbach an all brand meeting.
By the way is all brand meeting much more interesing, cause you'll see much more new things and you'll get much more new ideas than at a single brand meeting..

How can we got there / How is the parking situation ? 
In one word : PERFECT. There is a direct road from the Highway A52 Roermond/Duesseldorf (Exit 9) and another direct road from the Highway A44 Duesseldorf/M.gladbach(Exit 21). Follow the signs for Airport.

All Roads to the Airport are asphaltic and also for very low Cars easy to drive. No trouble & no traffic Jam ! The parking area itselfe is crossed by asphaltic Roads and the parking places are paved. 
Here you can get an airview from the events area

Is the event located in a green zone ? Do I need an Environmental badge ? 
NO ! The Event is located outside the offical green zone, so you can reach it with every kind of car and you don't need an Environmental badge.

What means VIP Parking ? 
Some of the Cars are including at lot of brilliant details, made in thousands of hours working time. To give these cars some more space and attention, than the "normal" Cars, we have decided to create a special VIP area for 30 realy best of Show cars

Of course everybody can apply his Car for a VIP-Parking place by this Request form : VIP Application form (sorry, its only in German available)

The Applications will be collected till the End of April. Then a jury will select the 30 best one's and inform the winners by phone and email. 
Is there a special Parking for aircolled VAG Cars ? 
Yes ! Cause we are asked quiet often about it, we've decided to estabilsh a special Parking place for aircooled VAG Cars.  Now we are very glad to welcome theses beautyful aircolled cars with a special area, only for them. 

How is the rating made for the dB-Drag statt ?
The Cars will be measured by an expert Company with their special Equipment.

... and the rating for the Show'n Shine ?
The Show'n Shine is rating the beauty of a Car. What's beauty and what's not, depends just on the Viewers mind. So we decided to make a public rating for the Show'n Shine. In this case the Car witch is beauty for the majority of Visitors will be the winner.

Who can participate at the Show'n Shine Contest ?
1. All registered German Cars with actual license plates - exept red license plates and 07-license plates.
2. All foreign Cars if they arrive at the Event by their own engined power. Those who are transported by Trailer are not allowed for the Show'n Shine Contest.

Can I drive with my Pocketbike at the Event ?
No. All over the area you have to respect the standard road traffic regulations  - this means of course Pocketbikes are illegal. 
Also illegal are "burn out's" and private Sound-Off's with your Car's radio. If you disturb permanent the vistiotrs around you, you can leave the Event soon !

Take a Look at our  Eligibility Requirements (sorry, only in German available)!

What happens with the Events benefit ?
We all enjoy the motosport Community and have a nice hobby with our beautiful Cars. But unfortunately not all the people are as lucky as we are. So the VW-Golf Club and the OPEL-Scene decided to donate their Events profit to a social project in our town.

We would like to ask you, to donate also a little money at the Events entrance, buy a lot of Tombola ticketss and buy several things at the Exhibitors - so they'll donate some money too.

See you at 26th.May - we are looking forward for YOU !


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